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WEEDMAR 80 Herbicide

WEEDMAR 80 Herbicide

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  • Weedmar Super (2,4-D Amine Salt 58% SL) and Weedmar are the selective, systemic weedicides of Phenoxyacetic group.

Technical Content

  • 2,4D Sodium Technical 80%

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    Features & Benefits

    • Apart from effectively controlling broad leaf weeds, these also control the Cyperus sp.
    • There is no adverse effect on crops with recommended dose of Weedmar or Weedmar Super.


    Target crops
    Target Weeds Dosage/acre (ml)
    Sorghum Cyperus iria, Digera arvensis, Convolvulus arvensis, Trianthema sp., Tridax procumbens, Euphorbia hirta, Phyllanthus niruri. 600gm
    Maize Trianthema monogyna, Amaranthus sp., Tribulus terrestris, Boerhaavia diffusa, Euphorbia hirta, Portulaca oleracea, Cyperus sp. 600gm
    Wheat Chenopodium album, Fumaria parviflora, Melilotus alba, Vicia sativa, Asphodelus tenuifolius , Convolvulus arvensis 300-500gm
    Sugarcane Cyperus iria, Digitaria sp., Dactylactenium aegyptium, Digera arvensis, Portulaca oleracea, Commelina benghalensis, Convolvulus arvensis 300-500gm
    Potato Chenopodium album, Asphodelus tenuifolius, Anagallis arvensis, Convolvulus arvensis, Cyperus iria, Portulaca oleracea. 500gm
    Non crop area Eichhornia crassipes., Parthenium hysterophorus, Cyperus rotundus 600gm
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