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Technical Name : Carbendazim 12 % + Mancozeb 63 % WP

Mode of Action: Systemic and Contact


  • A unique very broad spectrum, systemic & contact combination fungicide with protective & curative action.
  • Because of dual effect of Mancozeb and Carbendazim combination, it provides excellent disease control for many diseases on number of crops.
  • Effective against many diseases complexes on large number of crops, as seed treatment, nursery/soil drenching, fruit/ rhizome/ tuber dip and foliar sprays Provides Manganese and Zinc nutrition to crops, there by keeps plant greener and healthy.

Major Crops: Rice, Groundnut, Potato, Tea, Grape, Mango

Target Disease: Blast, Blight, Blackscurf, Dieback, Black rot, Downey mildew, powdery mildew, Anthracnose, and Leaf spot

Dose/acre : Foliar spray : 350-500 g Seed Treatment : 3 g / Kg of seeds

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