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About product

  • Sunrice is a post-emergent broad spectrum herbicide very effective for the control of sedges and broad leaf weeds in transplanted rice. Sunrice contains Ethoxysulfuron as active ingredient which belongs to sulfonyl urea group of herbicides. When combined with grass herbicide like Ricestar as tankmix it can offer total weed control in rice.

Technical Content:

  • Ethoxysulfuron 15% WDG
  • Features

    • It is a selective herbicide.
    • Acts as post-emergence hence gives flexibility of application.
    • Gives excellent control of difficult to control weeds like Monochoria and Scirpus.
    • Effectively controls annual sedges like Cyperus rotundus.
    • Acts at very low dose being sulfonyl urea.


    Mode of Action :

    • Ethoxysulfuron is mainly taken up by the leaves and is translocated within the plant. After inhibition of plant growth, chlorotic patches develop and spread at first acropetally, then basipetally. The action of the product reaches its conclusion about 3-4 weeks after application with the death of the whole plant. Ethoxysulfuron acts by inhibition of the acetolactate.

    mce-data-marked="1">Crops and Target Weeds:

    Sunrice can be used as an early post emergence herbicide at the rate of 83.3 to 100gm/ha at 5-10 days after transplanting (DAT) of rice crop.

    Ensure thorough land preparation. Drain out excess water and apply uniformly on the soil surface which should preferably be moist. Flood the field after 24 hours.

    Crop Weeds
    1. Horra grass
      (Fimbristylis miliacea)
    2. Nut grass
      (Cyperus difformis and C. iria)
    3. Scirpussp.
    4. False daisy,
      (Eclipta alba)
    5. Monochoria vaginalis
    6. Marsilea quadrifolia
    7. Ammania baccifera

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