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About Product

  • Sectin is both contact and systemic fungicide. It is a protectant and curative fungicide. Sectin is a water dispersible granular fungicide and is a combination of two active ingredients i.e. Fenamidone and Mancozeb. This dual activity Controls Phycomycetes diseases, It also controls nonphycomycetes leaf spot diseases like Alternaria and Mycosphaerella.

Technical Content

  • Fenamidone 10% and Mancozeb 50% WG


  • It has excellent protectant, antisporulant and curative and translaminar activity.
  • It has quick direct spore killing effect.
  • It does not easily get washed away by rain.


Mode Of action: Fenamidone inhibits mitochondrial respiration by blocking electron transport at ubihydroquinone. Mancozeb acts as non-specific thiol reactant, inhibiting respiration.

Target Crops: Tomato, Potato, Grapes, Soybean, Gherkin

Target Disease: Downy mildew, Late blight, Leaf spot, Rust

Dosage: 2gm/liter of water


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