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About Product

  • Saathi Herbicide is a highly versatile pre-emergence herbicide, it is both soil & foliage active to control rice weeds effectively from the beginning.

Technical Name

  • Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10% WP


  • Wide spectrum weedcontrol - Broad leaved weeds, sedges and grasses.
  • Versatility of application - Spraying or broad casting.
  • Zero effect on tender parts of seedling- Fit for weed control in rice nursery


  • Sedge and Broad leaved weed specialist
  • Safe to crop. No adverse effect on crop
  • Long residual control


Mode Of Action: Pre-emergence systemic & broad spectrum herbicide.

Crops : Rice

Targeted Weeds

  • Cyperus Difformis
  • Fimbristylis Miliacea
  • Monochoria Vaginalis
  • Cyperus Iria
  • Ludwigia Parviflora

Dosage: Application- Apply on wet soil and maintain these conditions for three days to obtain greater root absorption, better control and a delay in root development of sedges.

  • Dosage-Pre-emergence nursery/DSR/transplanted ,80 gm per acre, 1 sachets per tank
  • Dosage-Early Post Emergence ,Use 500-750 gr/ha of SAATHI ® WP, 2-3 sachets of Saathi per tank

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