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  • Profiler is a new combination fungicide containing Fluopicolide and Fosetyl for controlling Downy Mildew disease in Grapes. It provides longer duration control with its unique and new mode of action.

Technical Content

  • Fluopicolide 4.44% + Fosetyl-Al 66.67% w/w WG (71.1 WG)

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Features & Benefits

  • Controls Dosease for Long-duration and extremely fast action on downy mildew fungus.
  • Direct and indirect effect with stimulation of natural defence system and provides immunity to plants to fight with diseases
  • Provides excellent protection for new leaves and hidden bunches.
  • A new mode of action and controls already known resistant strains of other high risk chemistries hence minimum risk of resistance development.
  • Excellent protection during the sensitive flowering stage.


  • CROPS - Grapes.
  • INSECTS AND DISEASES - Downy Mildew .
    • Profiler has a complete systemic, contact and translaminar activity. Delocalisation of spectrin-like proteins from the cell periphery into the cytoplasm, this effect is very quick and has not been observed with other Oomycete fungicides.
    • Profiler also Interacts with key steps of fungus life cycle.
    • Has Strong and quick effect on zoospores which have curative and anti-sporulant activity.
    DOSAGE - 3-5gm/ liter of water
    • Profiler is recommended to be applied from 3 to 4 leaf stage after pruning or as soon as Downy Mildew symptoms are seen. It is best suitable option at most sensitive flowering stage and can be repeated 2 to 3 times in a season with 10 to 15 days interval depending upon disease severity.
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