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  • Keefun Insecticide has been developed to control a wide range of insect pests viz hoppers, aphids, Diamondback moth, Tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera), bugs, Scale insects, psylla, thrips, borer, leaf miner, mites, etc and some fungal diseases on vegetables, fruits, field crops. In India, Keefun Insecticide has been approved for usage on DBM & sucking pests like Thrips, Jassids, Aphids, etc.

Technical Content

  • Tolfenpyrad 15% EC

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    Features & Benefits

    • Broad Spectrum of activity- Keefun is highly effective against a broad range of sucking pests & Chewing & Biting pests ( Diamond Back Moth). Thus, Keefun works as a one-shot solution for more than one target pests and also reduces the cost of crop protection.
    • Highly effective on insects resistant to the other existing insecticides.
    • Anti- feedent action- Due to its anti feedent action, target pests stop feeding immediately after coming in contact with Keefun.
    • Active on different developmental stages- Due to keefun's activity on different developmental stages i.e eggs, larvae/ nymphs & adults of target pests.
    • Keefun offers fast and effective control on target pests lead to a healthy crop.


    • MODE OF ACTION - Due To Its Different Moa, Keefun Is An Effective Tool For Irm Tool By Rotating With Other Products To Prevent Resistance Development.
    Target Crop Target Insect/Pest Dose/Acre
    Cabbage, Okra, Cotton, Chili, Mango, Cumin, Onion Sucking Pests (Viz, Jassids, Thrips, Aphids) And Chewing And Biting Pests (Diamond Back Moth Or Dbm), Hoppers, Aphids, Diamond Back Moth, Tobacco Caterpillar (Spodoptera), Bugs, Scale Insects, Psylla, Thrips, Borer, Leaf Miner, Mites, Thrips, Jassids, Aphids



      Mode of Application:

      • For effective results, Keefun should be used at the initial stage of the crop and insect.
      • Ensure thorough and uniform coverage.
      • Rotate with insecticide of different modes of action to avoid resistance development.
      • Avoid spray of Keefun if the rains are expected earlier than 6 hours.
      • Ensure thorough coverage, Keefun is a contact insecticide hence thorough coverage of plant canopy is very important.
      • Always use 200 liter of water or more water depending on crop canopy for application on one acre of the area.

      The following nozzle can be used for Keefun
      1. Hollow cone nozzle
      2. Twin even flat fan nozzle
      3. Twin flat fan nozzle

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