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About Product

  • Folicur Fungicide contains Tebuconazole a systemic triazole fungicide. Triazoles are the leading chemical class of fungicides worldwide. Folicur Fungicide offers an effective and reliable solution against a wide spectrum of diseases in many crops by protective, curative and eradicative action. Application of Folicur Fungicide results in a greening effect on the crop foliage.

Technical Content

Tebuconazole 250 EC (25.9% w/w)


  • Broad-spectrum action against many crop diseases.
  • Prophylactic, curative, eradicative efficacy.
  • Excellent Plant Growth (PG) effect.
  • Improves the quality of produce.


Folicur Fungicide is applied as a protective as well as curative fungicide, at early appearance of the disease.

Target Crop Target Disease
Rice Blast, Sheath Blight
Chili Powdery Mildew, Fruit Rot
Groundnut Tikka and Rust
Onion Purple blotch
Anthracnose (Pod Blight)

Mode of Action: Folicur Fungicide acts as a systemic fungicide. Demethylase inhibitors interfere in the process of building the structure of the fungal cell wall. Finally, inhibit the reproduction and further growth of the fungus.

Dosage: 1-1.5 ml/liter of water

Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) Classification No. 3

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