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About Product

  • Fenos quick is new insecticide with a combination of two molecule to have good knock down and long lasting efficacy. It will give good results when used at early crop stages compared to old chemistries like synthetic pyrethroid and organo- phosphate in terms of efficacy and duration at good affordable price.

Technical Content

  • Flubendiamide 90 + Deltamethrin 60 SC (8.33% w/w + 5.56% w/w)


  • Fenos Quick provides affordable modern pest management
  • Optimum combination of control and persistence at economical cost
  • Good knock down effect on the insect population with good crop health
  • Better residual effect in comparison with traditional chemistry
  • Relatively safe product profile provides ease of application
  • Ideal chemistry best fit for habitual rounds for target pest


Mode Of Action

  • Flubendiamide acts on Ryanodine receptor modulators which in turn effects Nerve and muscle action, whereas Deltametherin acts on Sodium channel modulators which in turn effect on Nerve action. These two modes of action help in resistance management and also gives effective control of lepidoptera & Homopteran pest.


  • Cucumber, Chickpea

Crop And Targeted pest

  • Cucumber - beetle, fruit fly
  • Chickpea -Pod borer


  • 10 ml/Pump or 100-125 ml/Acre
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