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  • GALILEO SENSA systemic fungicide for control of leaf and neck blast of Paddy and anthracnose, wet rot and powdery mildew of Chilli.

Technical Content

  • Picoxystrobin 6.78% + Tricyclazole 20.33% w/w SC

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    Features & Benefits

    • The combination of two modes of action and both preventive and curative action leads to excellent protection against difficult-to-control diseases and more it an ideal resistance management and IDM tool.
    • It has unique redistribution properties viz Systemic and Translaminar movement, diffusion in the wax layer, redistribution by air, Axial redistribution.
  • Fungicide with a combination of two modes of action and both preventive and curative action for effective control of diseases.
  • Usage

    • CROPS - pepper, Rice
    • INSECTS/ DISEASES -Choanephora cucurbitarium, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Blast, Stem blast, Colletotrichum Capsici, Panicle Blast.
    • Galileo Sensa controls blast disease in Rice and powdery mildew, wet rot and anthracnose in chillies
    • DOSAGE - 1000 ml per hectare using 500 litres of water
    • MODE OF ACTION - Picoxystrobin comes under FRAC Group 11. It is a Quinone outside inhibitor (QoI). QoIs are chemical compounds which act at the Quinone outer binding site of the cytochrome bc1 complex. Binds to the protein ubiquinol oxidase in respiratory Complex III Stops growth of plant pathogenic fungi by blocking cell respiration (Inhibits electron transfer in mitochondria)
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