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  • Brofreya is a revolutionary insecticide, mainly used for management of Lepidopteran & sucking pests in Chilli, Cabbage, Brinjal & Okra crops.

Technical Content

  • Broflanilide 20%SC

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    Features & Benefits

    • One Day PHI: Crop is safe to consume in 1 day after spray
    • Equipped with QP Technology- Quick Rain fastness of 30 minutes
    • High quality yield


    • MODE OF ACTION - It inhibits GABA receptor which leads Nervous system to remains in excited state & further leads to convulsions and death of insect.

  • Crop Insect/Pest DOSE (Per Acre)
    Brinjal Fruit & Shoot borer, Thrips & Jassids 50 ml (25 g a.i/Ha)
    Cabbage DBM & Tobacco Caterpillar 50 ml (25 g a.i/Ha)
    Chilli Fruit Borer, Tobacco Caterpillar, Thrips & Jassids 50 ml (25 g a.i/Ha)
    Okra Fruit & Shoot borer, Thrips & Jassids 50 ml (25 g a.i/Ha)

    Additional Information:

    Precautionary Measures
    • Keep away from foodstuffs, empty foodstuff containers & animal feed.
    • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes, and skin.
    • Wash thoroughly the contaminated clothes and parts of the body after using.
    • Do not smoke, drink, eat & chew anything while using.
    • Wear full protective clothing while using product which includes rubber gloves, boots, & goggles or face shields and overall or rubber apron or hat.
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