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Technical Content: Tricyclazole 75% WP


  • Beam® is a recommended for the control of blast disease of rice.
  • It provides control against blast incidence that occurs at various growth stages of rice crop viz., leaf blast, stem blast and panicle blast.
  • As per Integrated disease management principles, in addition to Beam®application, emphasis on field sanitation and optimum use of nitrogen fertilisers also helps in reducing the disease incidence.

Features of Beam®

  • Beam® contains the active ingredient, Tricyclazole, belonging to melanin biosynthesis inhibitors.
  • Beam provides best control of blast at all growth stages.
  • It has prophylactic action.
  • Highly systemic with xylem mobility-good leaf and root uptake
  • No resistance issues reported till date

Crops treated with Beam®

  • Rice

How does it work?

  • Tricyclazole inhibits polyhydroxynapthaline reductase enzyme and thus inhibiting melanin formation in fungi (Pyricularia grisea).
  • In the absence of melanin, appressoria fails to produce penetrating hypha or penetration hypha fails to penetrate into host tissue. Hence disease is not allowed to spread.
  • It does not allow the fungus to establish by preventing its entry into the plant system.
  • It is highly systemic in action thus it is rapidly gets absorbed by rice leaves and roots and is translocated toward the leaf tip which suggests its xylem transport.
  • There is also movement from a treated leaf to non-treated younger leaves.
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