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About Product

  •  Long lasting Alion® Plus herbicide provides a new solution for foliar and pre-emergence control of wide range of annual grass and broad leaf weeds, including those resistant to conventional herbicides, all without compromising on crop safety.
  • It helps in overcoming the current weed management practices in tea plantations regarding labour availability, increasing wages and losses due to host for alternate pest.


  • Delivers pre and post emergence control of grass and broad leaf weeds
  • Long lasting with superior performance, reducing the number of in-season sprays
  • Brings a new and unique chemistry to provide an alternative mode of action for herbicide
  • Excellent crop safety | Peace of mind
  • Higher returns on investment


Crops And Target Weeds

  • Apply a uniform spray on weeds of 2 to 4 leaf stage
  • Ensure good moisture condition in soil during application
  • Avoid direct spray on tea foliage, green barks and roots
  • To be used only in matured tea plantations that are more than 5 years old
  • Use knapsack sprayer fitted with a recommended flood jet nozzle
Crop And Weeds
Crop Weeds
Tea Ageratum sp, Borreria sp, Eleusine inidica
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