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About Product

  • Virtako Insecticide is a unique new generation granular insecticide providing excellent control and long lasting protection from Stem Borer in Rice & Corn and Early Shoot Borer in Sugarcane.
  • The dual mode of action present in Virtako ensures a long lasting protection from Stem Borer in Rice & Corn and Early Shoot borer in Sugarcane. Virtako helps in the growth of extra productive tillers & profuse root development along with a lush green healthy crop and gives an extra advantage of increase in the crop growth. Virtako does not stunt the plant growth and provides better ROI, higher yields and peace of mind to the growers.

Technical Content

Chlorantraniliprole 0.5% GR + Thiomethoxam 1%


  • Superior protection from Stem Borer - A new age technology that protects the crop from Stem Borer.
  • Adds vigour to the plant - Virtako provides vigour to the plant for better & healthier crop establishment.
  • Ensures higher yields - Virtako ensures higher yields and a better ROI to the growers.


Mode Of Action

  • Virtako is a systemic insecticide and dual mode of action. Chlorantraniliprole is a Ryanodine receptor Modulator and Thiamethoxam is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. IRAC Group Code - 28 (Chlorantraniliprole) and 4A (Thiamethoxam).


Target Crops

Target Insects/Pests

Dosage (kg/acre)

Application Time


Stem borer

2.5 (Broadcasting)

20-30 DAT (Vegetative to Tillering Stage)


Stem borer

2.5 kg / acre (Broadcasting)

15-20 DAS (early stage)


Early shoot borer

4 (Broadcasting

0-30 days (Planting & Tillering stage)

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