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About Product

  • Tilt Fungicide is an economical tool that provides full-season disease control on wheat, barley, stone fruits, tree nuts and vegetables. With benefits like quick rain fastness and tank-mix flexibility. It stops fungal growth before it can sporulate and moves systemically to protect new growth.

Technical Content

  • Propiconazole 25 % EC

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    Features & Benefits

    • Tilt is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide and by its curative and protective action, controls the plant diseases very effectively.
    • Tilt controls the disease for a longer period of time.
    • Tilt gives better grain quality because it controls disease at critical stage.


      Recommendation Dosage
      Crop Insect/Pest Dose (ml/acre)
      Wheat Karnal bunt, Leaf rust, Stem rust, Stripe rust 200
      Rice Sheath blight 200
      Ground nut Early leaf spot, Late leaf spot, Rust 200
      Tea Blister blight 100
      Soybean Rust 200
      Cotton Leaf spot 200
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