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GRAMOXONE HERBICIDE ( ग्रामोक्सोन शाकनाशी )

GRAMOXONE HERBICIDE ( ग्रामोक्सोन शाकनाशी )

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Gramoxone Herbicide is a unique, fast acting, non-selective, contact herbicide for control of most fibrous rooted grasses and annual broadleaf weeds with varied uses in a wide variety of crops. Gramoxone Herbicide is a non-selective herbicide that is used by millions of growers. It is revolutionizing weed control by replacing the time-consuming chore of hand weeding. The active ingredient PARAQUAT, is deactivated when it reaches soil by rapidly binding to soil particles and does not have a negative effect on ground water or soil organisms, even after years of repeated applications.

Dosage: 500 ml/acre

Gramoxone Herbicide Specification:

  • Gramoxone 24 SL is a leading non-selective post emergence fast acting contact herbicide.
  • It contains ‘Paraquate Dichloride’. It acts in presences of light & desiccate green plant parts.
  • Site of action is in the chloroplasts.
  • Unique benefits ~ quick kill, controls wide spectrum of weeds, rain fast, inactivated on contact with soil, prevents soil erosion and cost effective.

Targeted weeds: Wide range of annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds. It successfully controls established perennial weeds.

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