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About Product

  • Ampligo is a New generation - broad spectrum insecticide, provides both rapid knockdown against lepidopteran pests on a wide range of crops and Long lasting Efficacy against pests.

Technical Content:

Chlorantraniliprole(9.3%)+Lambdacyhalothrin(4.6%) ZC

Features & Benefits


  • Broad spectrum, knock down activity against key target pests
  • Ovi-Larvicidal control - Kills both eggs and larvae,thus controllig the pest population.
  • Longer duration control, minimizing insecticide sprays - remains active for longer period due to zeon technology.


  • Effective on all stages of the insect:
  • Ampligo ensures Knockdown activity against most of the life stages of the insects like eggs, larva & adults.
  • It also provides long lasting protection due to its unique Zeon technology, thus minimizing feeding damage and economic loss.


Crop   Target pest Dosage/Acre Formulation(ml)  Dilution in water (L) Per Acre Waiting Period (PHI) in Days
Redgram/Pigeon pea Pod Borer 80 ml 200lit 18 days
Cotton Bollworm Complex 100 ml 200 lit 20 days
Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer, Jassids 80 ml 200 lit 5 days
Rice Stem Borer, Leaf Folder, Green Leaf Hopper 100 ml 200 lit 53 days
Soybean Girdle beetle, Leaf worm, Semilooper, Stemfly 80 ml 200 lit 41 days
Okra Shoot and Fruit Borer, Jassids 80 ml 200 lit 3 days

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