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Product Description

About Product

  • Plethora Insecticide is an innovative product with a dual mode of action.
  • Plethora Insecticide technical name - Novaluron 5.25% + Indoxacarb 4.5% w/w SC
  • It is a simple & effective solution for the mixed population of lepidopteran pests.
  • Plethora has quick and long-duration control.
  • It acts as a chitin synthesis inhibitor.

Plethora Insecticide Technical Details

  • Technical Content: Novaluron 5.25% + Indoxacarb 4.5% w/w SC
  • Mode of Entry: Dual Action
  • Mode of Action: Plethora is an insecticide that operates as a chitin synthesis inhibitor, a vital process for an insect’s exoskeleton development, particularly during moulting. By obstructing chitin production, Plethora disrupts the formation of the exoskeleton, impeding proper growth and leading to the insect’s death. Additionally, it impacts the nervous system by blocking sodium ion entry into nerve cells, which not only interferes with moulting but also causes paralysis by disrupting sodium channels, ultimately immobilizing and killing the insect.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Plethora Insecticide is a broad-spectrum lepidopteran insecticide.
  • It is a selective, contact, systemic and stomach insecticide with a slow-release feature for inside or outside application for the control of lepidopteran insects.
  • It has a phytotonic effect on the crop i.e., helps in plant growth and development.


Plethora Insecticide Usage & Crops


Crops Target Pest Dosage/ Acre (ml) Dilution in water (L/Acre)
Tomato Fruit borer, Leaf eating caterpillar 330-350 200-250
Rice Leaf folder 175 150-200
Blackgram Spodoptera sp, Helicoverpa armigera & semilooper 350 200-250
Chilli Spodoptera sp, Helicoverpa armigera & semilooper 350 200-250
Soybean Spodoptera sp, Helicoverpa armigera & semilooper 350 200-250
Redgram Pod borer complex 350 200-250
Chick Pea Pod borer complex 350 200-250
Groundnut Helicoverpa armigera & Spodoptera litura 350 200-250


Method of Application: Foliar Spray

Additional Information

  • Plethora insecticide is compatible with most of the chemicals.


Disclaimer: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Always follow the recommended application guidelines outlined on the product label and accompanying leaflet.

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